About #Zero4Sixty

Zero Goals. Sixty Minutes.

Zero4Sixty was developed and designed by Brian Eklund, Head Director of MassCrease Goaltending School. It is a structured development model for goaltenders development that is based off of the Scandinavian (Finnish/Swedish) approach to training. Zero4Sixty is designed to produce results regardless of age.  It is not meant for all goalies, but for any goalie that is looking to work hard and focus completely on development over an extended amount of time.

General Program Overview

  • Experienced Coaches

  • Low Goalie to Coach Ratios

  • Consistent Training

  • Weekly On-Ice Strength and Agility Training (age/ability appropriate)

  • Game Evaluations (additional)

  • Video break down of technique and situations

  • Game analytics taken (additional)

  • Online Game Journals

Program Expectations

  • Weekly attendance to all portions of training

  • 100% effort in all areas of training

  • Diligence in filling out online game journal

  • Willingness to think and train "outside the box"

Programs are designed to push goalies and to train them by increasing ice touches per week with highly trained coaches.  In addition the program will place focus on strength, skating, rebound control and hand-eye coordination. Online game journals will be kept by all goalies and allow coaches to get a glimpse into the goalies game day routines. This is not a cookie cutter approach to development. This is a commitment to consistency in goaltending. Goaltending is unique to all positions in sports. It require laser focus, cat like agility, a gymnasts flexibility all while being powerful and in amazing cardiovascular shape. It's time to create a Goaltending Development Model.