Elite Series 2018

Since the Elite Series's first Summer (2010), it has gone through small face lifts to make it the BEST training available to those upcoming high school/prep/junior goalies. With the addition of MassCrease's Training Center (Summer 2013) we have been able to push the product even further.  Last Summer we added a large amount of flexibility into the Series through integrating our scheduler into the program…Our biggest change since the camp was first started. This summer we will be taking the flexibility of our skill scheduling system to a new level. This Summer we will be having nine (9) weeks of lessons to choose from....this is up one full week from any year we have ever run the program.

Summer Topics

This summer we will be covering seven (7) major topics in our training.  The Topics are chosen by Brian and the MassCrease staff as techniques that are currently being used heavily at higher level of play.  These topics are things that the staff feels that is necessary to expose our goalies to and begin teaching.  Not all techniques are going to be used right away in each's games, but the exposure is necessary in the development of the goalie.  Within every topic goalies will be pushed by MassCrease's two core fundamentals.....skating and smothering.

*New* Lesson Colors

Our topics are now color coded to show how difficult and fast paced the training will be on a certain day.  All goalies are encouraged to "eat their colors."  We would like goalies to attend a green or yellow lesson prior to attending a red lesson.  

GREEN LESSONS: The pace of the lesson is slowed down to spend more time teaching. Focus is on the technique.

YELLOW LESSONS: The pace is moderate.  Goalies should have a good understanding of the footwork and the concepts being taught prior to attending a Yellow lesson.

RED LESSONS: The pace is intense.  Less time is taken to slow down and talk through the technique.  More reps through shots.  It is imperative that all goalies attending Red lessons already attend at least 1-2 Green/Yellow lessons.


*NEW* All Lessons this year are going to be 1 hour and 20 minutes in length.  By adding the extra thirty minutes of lessons over 5 weeks of the camp we are adding 5 hours of training (2 times per week) or 7.5 hours of training (3 times per week) to the camp.  This is an enormous increase in development opportunity for our goalies. (All Cancellations need to be made 72 hours prior to lesson....no exceptions) All Lessons are a MAX of 2 goalies per group.  (Max of 6 goalies per lesson)

All lessons are booked through MassCrease's online scheduler.  

Link to Scheduler

Link to Video on How to Book Lessons

Link to Video on How to Cancel Lessons


This year the Elite Training Series will be broken down to three Levels. Elite 1, Elite 2, Elite 3.

Elite 1: (Formally Jr Elite) Built for Select 2008 birth year goalies to 2005 birth years.  

Elite 2: Meant for Select 2005 birth year goalies to 2003 birth years.

Elite 3: Built for Select 2003 birth year goalies to 2000 birth years.


Agility lessons have become enormously popular over the course of its addition to the program.  Because of the level of interest (which we love) we have taken steps to add Agility lessons 5 to 6 times per day.  This allows goalies to use Agility prior or following their lessons.  We recommend using Agility as a warmup prior to lessons....but try not to schedule Agility after "RED" lessons.  Agility lessons will NOT be offered during "REST" Weeks.  This ensures that "REST" Weeks are truly are being used for "REST." MAX of 12 goalies per session. Due to the amount of additional Agility hours that have been added there is an additional charge if looking to take part in Agility.  


May/June Current SAMPLE Schedule (NOTE: Schedule can be slightly tweaked if we find more goalies at certain levels signing up than at other levels.)

May:June Elite Schedule.png

July/August Current SAMPLE Schedule (NOTE: Schedule can be slightly tweaked if we find more goalies at certain levels signing up than at other levels.)

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 9.26.12 AM.png

Rest Weeks

This summer, with the addition of so many hours of training and the increase to 9 weeks, we want to ensure that goalies are getting proper rest so as to properly recover and also ensure "Burn Out" does not occur.  As part of the commitment to the program we are asking that no goalies play in more than TWO tournaments throughout the summer.  


This Summer we are introducing "A la Carte" pricing so that everyone gets the maximum value for what they booking.


16 Lessons ($1995.00)

24 Lessons ($2995.00)

Agility ($200.00) -- Unlimited usage but all lessons are a MAX of 12 goalies, so certain hours can fill up.

Private Lesson Options (1:1 Ratio) -- 50% increase in price...can choose 16 or 24 lessons