In-Season Training

In todays game, many teams try to provide goalie instruction, but time and time again the programs hamstring the instruction to cater to the players over the goalies.  In essence, turning the goalies in "Shooter Tutors." We have developed a program which will truly help develop the goalies.  The Zero4Sixty program will Develop Goaltenders at a faster rate by working with experienced Goalie Coaches on a set schedule throughout a season. With the addition to VST, goalie will get structure coaching tailored to their needs, and will provide to most consistent results. In the end this structured approach will act as a mentorship program for goalies that will be envied around the country.

New This Season!

Video derived



Many programs talk about total goalie training, but how many can statistically prove it?  The new VST system developed at MassCrease has produced results at the highest levels and is set to be brought to the youth levels and High School levels.  One large disconnect between goalie skills and game results is now gone.  Through the use of video, the coaches at MassCrease are able to break down a goalies game analytically and see trends in their games (Both good and bad).  Through this information and trends, lessons will be tailored to work on these points.  As the season progresses (and more video is added in) the lessons will shift accordingly. On a weekly basis a MassCrease coach will sit with the goalie and go over their Video, or send a Video review.  Also goalies will get "snap shots" of their progress statistically.  This is a NEW definition of total goalie training.

How it works

Parents will video tape their goalies games.  Many different methods can be used.  A "GoPro" behind the net, an iPad, or even a Phone can record this video.  Every time the puck enters the zone the parent starts recording.  Once the puck leaves the zone...stop recording.  This "White Meat" approach will speed up the time it takes to breakdown the video by the coaches.  The parents help in this area makes it more efficient and will be needed throughout the course of a long season.

Once the video is taken you will send it to MassCrease's drop box in your goalies Folder.  MassCrease coaches will review the video and start pulling apart the video analytically and start formulating the next private skill session for the goalie.  Coaches will also pull a couple teaching points out of the video and send these reviewed clips back to the goalie through the Hudl app.

Season Breakdown