Summer Programs

Our summer programs take place at the MassCrease Training Center in Norwell, MA. To register, contact

Elite Training Series 2018

Elite 1 -- Sold Out

Elite 2 -- Sold Out

Elite 3 -- 1 Spot Left (16 Lessons)

The Elite Training Series is designed to push talented and committed goalies to achieve greater gains in their games.  By pairing goalies together with like mindsets, we can create an environment that helps bring out the best in a goalie and strive to consistency on a daily basis.  Through small groups, video review, and the best coaching staff around we know that we will achieve results that every goalie is striving for in their games.

This Summer the Elite and Jr Elite have undergone some of the biggest changes since it was first design and implemented.  Continuing this Summer, parents and goalies will be able to choose the days/times that work best for their summer schedules on a weekly basis.

Program Highlights

  • *NEW THIS SUMMER* Daily lesson levels are posted (Green/Yellow/Red/Blue)
    • This allows Parents/Goalies to assess and build a summer that will greatly benefit the attendee
    • No one series will be the same as another
    • If a goalie needs extra work on a topic then they can build a series that has more lessons geared towards it
  • Program is designed to ward off "Burn Out" or those participating.  Built in "On Weeks" and "Off Weeks"
  • All lessons are run on "Progressive" techniques
  • *NEW THIS SUMMER* Program has "a la carte" component, so you can get the most value out of the series
  • *NEW THIS SUMMER* Agility lessons are offered during "On Weeks" multiple hours per day
  • Off Ice conditioning test is run at the start of the summer. (All goalie must complete prior to starting their lessons in the series)
  • *NEW THIS SUMMER* One hour and twenty minute lessons are run throughout the program
  • Video will be taken on almost a daily allotment.  Video is sent to your own devices to be rewatched after the lessons
  • *NEW THIS SUMMER* Video breakdown of techniques will be sent to devices throughout the camp to see how high level goalies are integrating what we are teaching into their games
  • *NEW THIS SUMMER* Prep "Exposure Series" will be offered in late June for those goalies looking to get Prep School information as well as have Prep Coaches watch them compete with other goalies also looking to attend Prep Schools.

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College Series 2018

For the past few years we have been asked by many of our College / Pro goalies to put together a Summer program in which they could train.  We have slowly been developing this idea.  Adding in training methods, programs, and drills to come up with a complete training process.  This summer will be the second summer running it.  Starting on July 9th and running through August 23rd we will be training these goalies two times a week.   Groups will never be larger than three goalies.  This will be an intense skate in which college shooters will be challenging goalies for every shot, save, and rebound.

Program Details

Ages: 1999 birth years and older

Days: Monday, Tuesday and/or Thursday nights 

Times: 1:00pm or 9:00pm

Cost: $1299


Each goalie will get 14 lessons to book through our online scheduler.  This will give each goalie more flexibility to be able to book days/times that work with their schedules.


College Series Scheduler (Click Here)


To Sign Up or Request more information please Email Brian (